53 Year Old Male Sent To Jail For Steeling In Order To Feed Betting Habit

A 53 Year Old Male from Stockport, Uk has been sentenced to five years and eight months in jail. He plead guilty early on this year for steeling one million euro’s from his company in order to feed his online gambling addiction.

Stockport Council

Michael Garner, the man arrested has been given stiff jail terms after he plead guilty to his actions. The previous financial advisor stole the funds from banks offshore, he’d withdrawal the money from the accounts in which he knew he could trust. Those who came to harm from Mr. Garners actions include the charity Cheadlle and Gatley Round Table.

The full amount that was stolen during the time period of Michael being a financial advisor was nine hundred thousand euro’s. Every single dime of that money was spent on online gambling. At one point in time Michael won 1.5 Million Euro’s. The addiction eventually became so bad that Michael was spending ten thousand euro’s every day in order to feed his extreme addiction. This is more money than the high majority of drug users spend in months.

Michael was eventually caught of his actions when one of the trustees on a fund he handles was ravaged when he couldn’t find a certain amount of his money in the account. The bank manager realized that the large sum of money and many others had been stolen from Michael. The attorney for Michael asked for remorse on him and his sentencing, the remorse was not given.

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