Playstation 4 Update

It’s been several months since the Playstation 4 was first released upon the world. The Playstation 4 was released on November 15th, 2014 with a series of games available on launch day. These games includes Call of Duty Ghosts, Killzone Shadow Fall and all of your regular sports games. Players can now enjoy multiple games such as inFAMOUS Second Son, Battlefield 4 and NBA 2K14.

Playstation 4

Sony released an update for the Playstation 4 today, bringing one of the key elements needed in the system. Those who wish to now record their gameplay sessions, add video recordings or voice recordings over those gameplay videos can now do so thanks for the “Playstation 4 Share Application”. Through this application you can watch the last fifteen minutes of gameplay you’ve had, edit it by choosing when the video can start and stop, add video commentary through the Playstation 4 Camera or Voice Commentary through the Playstation 4 Microphone. This in return means that video game footage will become more available on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social feeds which can result in the industry growing.

Since the application was first released last week there has already been 5 Million Gameplay Videos uploaded through the Playstation 4 Share Application. Sony, the creators behind every one of the four Playstations has said that more editing features will come to the application within the next few months. Players will be able to add filters to their videos, add special effects and do so much more.

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