Wolfenstein: A New World Order Released

Wolfenstein is one of the longest surviving and most popular video game series known to the video game industry. The series has survived since the Nintendo 64 and since then has continued to grasp the imagination of the young and old all across the world. The last Wolfenstein game was released back when the Xbox 360 was first available on the market, more than ten years later and the series returns for beloved fans. You will continue to take on the role of James Avatar, a soldier who has survived through countless tragedies.

wolfenstein logo

Wolfenstein is a video game series that revolved around the Nazis. Instead of Hitler being killed the third Reich was able to win the war and survive throughout the decades. It is nearly the same time period that we live in today when we are placed back into the boots of James Avatar. The Third Reich now has incredible technology that they harvested after they won the war and defeating the Nazis is becoming that much harder.

This game has been gaining a lot of popularity and on opening day it was able to sell fifty thousand copies, showing that Wolfenstein is still the popular series it once was. Activision, the published behind Wolfenstein made a statement regarding this games release saying, “We can’t wait to see how fans of this three decade old series react to the new installment. We suspect that they’ll love it just as much as we do, we hope that it sells to the point where we can create yet another sequel.”

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