Drug Related Death

A series of homicide detectives in Toronto are investigating upon the death of two individuals who died after they died from using party drugs at the VELD Music Festival over the long weekend. These two individuals have yet to been named by the Toronto Police Department. There were also thirteen people who were hospitalized due to this party drug, those same thirteen people still remain in the hospital to this day.


The Toronto Deputy Chief Mark Saunders spoke at a news conference this Monday where he said the following, “We as of right now aren’t willing to release the names or age of the two people who passed away this long weekend. We can confirm that they passed away at the Hospital. We believe that this party drug was laced with some kind of poison which resulted in internal bleeding. Their organs collapsed upon themselves and caused for internal bleeding. The thirteen who still remain in hospital are no longer in critical condition but still are in the hospital in order to ensure their safety and health.”

The party drug is considered to be either ecstasy or GHB, both of these drugs nearly have the same formula. As of right now the Toronto Police Department are un-aware of who sold these people these drugs as those who took them fear the consequences of what will happen to them after they’ve left the Hospital.
We will continue to inform you on any updates on this story.

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