Man Under Investigation

Earlier on last week two men lured a squirrel to the edge of the Grand Canyon where then they kicked the squirrel off the Grand Canyon to its inevitable death. It’s unknown as to when this took place or when this video was taken. Unfortunately when a video is posted onto YouTube it only tells you the date of when the video was posted but not the date of when the video was taken. The police won’t know the exact date of when this video was taken, it could of been taken more than two years ago or it could of been taken last week.


Kirby-Lynn Sheldowski, a spokeswoman for the Grand Canyon national park spoke to reporters from all around Northern America after the Grand Canyon National Park held a press conference. She said the following, “We aren’t sure if this video is a hoax or real, from what we can tell the terrain matches a certain geological location that sports a large amount of squirrels. As of right now we know that authorities have requested that YouTube provide every detail they have on this video and the user who posted it. When this man is found he will be charged with animal cruelty and a series of other charges.”

This video went viral and sparked massive attention from media outlets all around Northern America. Those who love animals or respect life want answers for what this man has done. They want to see him go to prison for his cruel actions towards an innocent creature.

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