US New York City District Attorney

Ronald Singleton, 45, a man who recently died on July 13th was killed while in Police Custody. This death came only four days after another man died from a chokehold while in Police Custody at Staten Island. The medical examiner responsible for looking over Ronald Singleton’s death said that the main catalyst for the death of Ronald Singleton was the police. The physical restraints placed by the police officer caused for Ronald to die from loss of air. Police in response said that his intoxication was so advanced that he vomited in his mouth and then choked on his own vomit. The medical examiner in return said there was zero traces of vomit in his mouth and that his lungs were warped from lack of oxygen.

Staten Island

All around the United States of America there has been a call to arms from citizens due to the abuse police officers give to their citizens. Often citizens are beaten, placed under extreme physical restraints which break bones or their killed due to the actions of violent police officers. USA Citizens are afraid of police officers and don’t look forward to seeing one on the street. This isn’t how citizens should feel about the people supposedly protecting them.

Responding the Garner’s death, Pat Lynch of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association said, “Police officers don’t start their days expecting or wanting something like this to occur in the performance of their duties,” adding, “We believe, however, that if he had not resisted the lawful order of the police officers placing him under arrest, this tragedy would not have occurred.”

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