Seven Children Charged With Mans Murder

It is very rare that you will ever hear about children performing violent acts of crime, especially a crime as violent as committing murder. Unfortunately several children, two girls and give boys have been arrested in Spalding, Lincolnshire. Warren Free, a 42 year old male was beaten to death in his home last Thursday. He was found by police officers right before he passed away which allowed for him to relay his final words to his loved ones but unfortunately died minutes later on scene.

spalding, lincolnshire

These several children have yet to have their names or ages released by officers. Lincolnshire Police did say that these children have been bailed out by their parents but still will have to face court, luckily for prosecutors there were a number of different witnesses to the crime that pinpoint each one of these children leaving the scene. Those witnesses said that each one of the five boys at the scene had a large amount of blood on their clothing and hands. This in return will allow for the prosecutors to win the court case and thus by have these children face a lifetime jail sentence.

Gena Probet, the elderly neighbor of Mr. Free said the following “It is a terrible thing to happen. I only knew him as Warren and he was a sweet man and wouldn’t hurt a fly. I was woken up by the sound of someone running down the street at about 1am on Thursday morning but didn’t think too much of it until I saw police and ambulance at Warren’s house the next day.

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