Man Arrested

A young adult located in Winnipeg, Canada has been charged with three different crimes as of this passing weekend. Jordan Christopher Anderson has been charged with numerous weapon charges, theft and property related offences as well. Police were given access to Mr. Andersons home after they received a search warrant, during which they found two stolen rifles from a hunting store in Winnipeg. They also found an array of ammunition, knives and two large machetes.


The two stolen rifles were identified by the original owner through its product number code. This is when police then charged Jordan Christopher Anderson with each one of his crimes. There is no word as to when the trail will begin or how many years this young adult will potentially serve in the future. Mr. Anderson also apparently was a known drug dealer but didn’t have any evidence to support those claims at his actual residence, anyone who has information on his potential drug dealing has been asked to come over.

This arrest has proven to be an accomplishment for Winnipeg officers as they could have possibly just stopped a death or multiple deaths. Anderson will remain in custody until the time of his trail, many people believe that he doesn’t have any chance of being able to avoid a prison sentence. We hope not as he will be back on the streets and able to find illegal weapons once again if he isn’t given a prison sentence. We’ll let you know of any updates regarding Mr. Andersons trail.

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