Investigation For Police Brutality

Police Brutality in the United States of America is no joke. Unfortunately it is a serious matter that results in many US Citizens being forced with criminal charges they did not inflict and being physically abused. Recently a boy at the age of twelve was shot by a police officer in Cleveland, Ohio. The officer who shot him said that the boy first got into position with a replica gun, once the officer was aware of this he shot down Tamir Rice.


Unfortunately the gun that this youngster was positioning towards the gun had an extremely bright orange line of sight on the front of the muzzle. This is put on every replica gun in order to show people that this is indeed a fake gun. Bystanders at the scene stated that the orange was clearly visible from the other side of the road. This has resulted in everyone in Cleveland, Ohio becoming bitter towards their law enforcement and many people across the USA have begun to speak out against the brutality of police officers. There is countless video evidence supporting that this happens all across the United States of America.

Most of the time these cops get off as the judge’s are just as gutless as the officers themselves. This hasn’t been happening anymore as video evidence is proving that these cops have indeed preformed these crimes and that their worse than criminals. These men are supposed to uphold the law but instead use it as a means to get what they want & bully others into doing what they want.

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