Drone Flies Over Restarted Belgium

Earlier on in the year a Belgian Nuclear Power Plant has to shut down after a major incident occurred on August 5th. On this day the Doel 4 Nuclear Reactor malfunctioned due to the core overheating which is shocking as there are a dozen or so protocols in order to ensure that these core’s never overheat. This lead people to believe it was sabotage and still to this day it’s believe but not confirmed. None the less the Doel 4 Nuclear Reactor was re-opened earlier on this week only to have a mysterious drone fly over it an hour and a half later. This has resulted in an investigation being prompted as there were no drones released by the Belgian Government.

Belgian Nuclear Power Plant

Many people across the country believe that this is the Americans or some country in the Middle East that is watching over Germany in order to ensure that they don’t gain one more nuclear plant. As for all we know this drone could be controlled by the very same group of individuals that sabotaged the core earlier on in the year. As of right now there is no conformation on anything that has happened. What is confirmed is that earlier on in the year 65,000 Litres of Oil was lost in thirty minutes and a total of thirty million Euros was lost in the process in order to repair the issues caused by the core melting down.

We shall inform you of when new information is released regarding who was operating this drone and where it came from.

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