Investigation’s Arise

The Avengers: Age of Ultron is going to be the largest grossing film to be released in 2015. The Marvel Cinematic Universe earns millions upon millions of dollars per year and Age of Ultron won’t be any different. The combinations of Age of Ultron & Captain America 3 will allow for Marvel to possibly earn pass the one billion dollar mark which is why whenever a leak is released regarding anyone of Marvel’s new films an investigation is put under way.

The Avengers Age of Ultron

Marvel has contacted certain North American Law Enforcement Agencies in order to find the person who leaked a various set of Lego Images & descriptions which essentially told the entire story of Age of Ultron. Marvel knows that this leak came somewhere in America but wasn’t revealed in the continent but instead was revealed to the public in the European Union. European Law Enforcement are also on the prowl to find out who sent this leaked image to the poster in Europe. Those who committed these crimes will be sent to prison and charged with a large fine. When leaking information about a major movie property such as one owned by Marvel (Marvel being owned by Disney), those who leaked the information become a priority for law enforcement agencies.

We won’t keep you in the dark with who these two individuals were, when the information is revealed to the mass public we shall inform you. It’ll be interesting to see what these individuals are punished with.

Drone Flies Over Restarted Belgium

Earlier on in the year a Belgian Nuclear Power Plant has to shut down after a major incident occurred on August 5th. On this day the Doel 4 Nuclear Reactor malfunctioned due to the core overheating which is shocking as there are a dozen or so protocols in order to ensure that these core’s never overheat. This lead people to believe it was sabotage and still to this day it’s believe but not confirmed. None the less the Doel 4 Nuclear Reactor was re-opened earlier on this week only to have a mysterious drone fly over it an hour and a half later. This has resulted in an investigation being prompted as there were no drones released by the Belgian Government.

Belgian Nuclear Power Plant

Many people across the country believe that this is the Americans or some country in the Middle East that is watching over Germany in order to ensure that they don’t gain one more nuclear plant. As for all we know this drone could be controlled by the very same group of individuals that sabotaged the core earlier on in the year. As of right now there is no conformation on anything that has happened. What is confirmed is that earlier on in the year 65,000 Litres of Oil was lost in thirty minutes and a total of thirty million Euros was lost in the process in order to repair the issues caused by the core melting down.

We shall inform you of when new information is released regarding who was operating this drone and where it came from.

Investigation For Police Brutality

Police Brutality in the United States of America is no joke. Unfortunately it is a serious matter that results in many US Citizens being forced with criminal charges they did not inflict and being physically abused. Recently a boy at the age of twelve was shot by a police officer in Cleveland, Ohio. The officer who shot him said that the boy first got into position with a replica gun, once the officer was aware of this he shot down Tamir Rice.


Unfortunately the gun that this youngster was positioning towards the gun had an extremely bright orange line of sight on the front of the muzzle. This is put on every replica gun in order to show people that this is indeed a fake gun. Bystanders at the scene stated that the orange was clearly visible from the other side of the road. This has resulted in everyone in Cleveland, Ohio becoming bitter towards their law enforcement and many people across the USA have begun to speak out against the brutality of police officers. There is countless video evidence supporting that this happens all across the United States of America.

Most of the time these cops get off as the judge’s are just as gutless as the officers themselves. This hasn’t been happening anymore as video evidence is proving that these cops have indeed preformed these crimes and that their worse than criminals. These men are supposed to uphold the law but instead use it as a means to get what they want & bully others into doing what they want.

Parliament Shooting Investigation

Last week a horrific event took place in Canada which is shocking as Canada is considered to be one of the friendliest & safest countries on the planet. Unfortunately Canada is not even immune to ISIS, a group of citizens from Iraq who wish to destroy life in countries such as the USA & Canada. Unlike Al-Qaeda they aren’t a trained military, they are citizens who have never seen war and are only acting on their emotions. This makes them a far bigger threat that Canada, the United States of America and the United Kingdom plan to stop in the upcoming year.

Canada parliment

Unfortunately Vince Hawkes, the Commissioner for the Ontario Provincial Police said that their investigation will take months to complete. Currently they are investigating the where bout’s of these Islamic Extremists & how they can ride of them without taking any lives in the process. The House of Commons, the location where the Prime Minister & all his supporters go to speak for the entire country of Canada has been closed off until officials can determine if entering the House of Commons is safe again.

Prime Minister Harper openly said that he wished to join the fight to defeat ISIS before this event occurred. He was shut down by the rest of Parliament Hill only to now have the full support of everyone in Parliament. This means you can expect Canada to defend its own citizens & other countries they’ve partnered with in the past. We will keep you updated on any new information revealed regarding the OPP’s investigation.

Man Arrested

A young adult located in Winnipeg, Canada has been charged with three different crimes as of this passing weekend. Jordan Christopher Anderson has been charged with numerous weapon charges, theft and property related offences as well. Police were given access to Mr. Andersons home after they received a search warrant, during which they found two stolen rifles from a hunting store in Winnipeg. They also found an array of ammunition, knives and two large machetes.


The two stolen rifles were identified by the original owner through its product number code. This is when police then charged Jordan Christopher Anderson with each one of his crimes. There is no word as to when the trail will begin or how many years this young adult will potentially serve in the future. Mr. Anderson also apparently was a known drug dealer but didn’t have any evidence to support those claims at his actual residence, anyone who has information on his potential drug dealing has been asked to come over.

This arrest has proven to be an accomplishment for Winnipeg officers as they could have possibly just stopped a death or multiple deaths. Anderson will remain in custody until the time of his trail, many people believe that he doesn’t have any chance of being able to avoid a prison sentence. We hope not as he will be back on the streets and able to find illegal weapons once again if he isn’t given a prison sentence. We’ll let you know of any updates regarding Mr. Andersons trail.

US New York City District Attorney

Ronald Singleton, 45, a man who recently died on July 13th was killed while in Police Custody. This death came only four days after another man died from a chokehold while in Police Custody at Staten Island. The medical examiner responsible for looking over Ronald Singleton’s death said that the main catalyst for the death of Ronald Singleton was the police. The physical restraints placed by the police officer caused for Ronald to die from loss of air. Police in response said that his intoxication was so advanced that he vomited in his mouth and then choked on his own vomit. The medical examiner in return said there was zero traces of vomit in his mouth and that his lungs were warped from lack of oxygen.

Staten Island

All around the United States of America there has been a call to arms from citizens due to the abuse police officers give to their citizens. Often citizens are beaten, placed under extreme physical restraints which break bones or their killed due to the actions of violent police officers. USA Citizens are afraid of police officers and don’t look forward to seeing one on the street. This isn’t how citizens should feel about the people supposedly protecting them.

Responding the Garner’s death, Pat Lynch of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association said, “Police officers don’t start their days expecting or wanting something like this to occur in the performance of their duties,” adding, “We believe, however, that if he had not resisted the lawful order of the police officers placing him under arrest, this tragedy would not have occurred.”

Seven Children Charged With Mans Murder

It is very rare that you will ever hear about children performing violent acts of crime, especially a crime as violent as committing murder. Unfortunately several children, two girls and give boys have been arrested in Spalding, Lincolnshire. Warren Free, a 42 year old male was beaten to death in his home last Thursday. He was found by police officers right before he passed away which allowed for him to relay his final words to his loved ones but unfortunately died minutes later on scene.

spalding, lincolnshire

These several children have yet to have their names or ages released by officers. Lincolnshire Police did say that these children have been bailed out by their parents but still will have to face court, luckily for prosecutors there were a number of different witnesses to the crime that pinpoint each one of these children leaving the scene. Those witnesses said that each one of the five boys at the scene had a large amount of blood on their clothing and hands. This in return will allow for the prosecutors to win the court case and thus by have these children face a lifetime jail sentence.

Gena Probet, the elderly neighbor of Mr. Free said the following “It is a terrible thing to happen. I only knew him as Warren and he was a sweet man and wouldn’t hurt a fly. I was woken up by the sound of someone running down the street at about 1am on Thursday morning but didn’t think too much of it until I saw police and ambulance at Warren’s house the next day.

Drug Related Death

A series of homicide detectives in Toronto are investigating upon the death of two individuals who died after they died from using party drugs at the VELD Music Festival over the long weekend. These two individuals have yet to been named by the Toronto Police Department. There were also thirteen people who were hospitalized due to this party drug, those same thirteen people still remain in the hospital to this day.


The Toronto Deputy Chief Mark Saunders spoke at a news conference this Monday where he said the following, “We as of right now aren’t willing to release the names or age of the two people who passed away this long weekend. We can confirm that they passed away at the Hospital. We believe that this party drug was laced with some kind of poison which resulted in internal bleeding. Their organs collapsed upon themselves and caused for internal bleeding. The thirteen who still remain in hospital are no longer in critical condition but still are in the hospital in order to ensure their safety and health.”

The party drug is considered to be either ecstasy or GHB, both of these drugs nearly have the same formula. As of right now the Toronto Police Department are un-aware of who sold these people these drugs as those who took them fear the consequences of what will happen to them after they’ve left the Hospital.
We will continue to inform you on any updates on this story.

Man Under Investigation

Earlier on last week two men lured a squirrel to the edge of the Grand Canyon where then they kicked the squirrel off the Grand Canyon to its inevitable death. It’s unknown as to when this took place or when this video was taken. Unfortunately when a video is posted onto YouTube it only tells you the date of when the video was posted but not the date of when the video was taken. The police won’t know the exact date of when this video was taken, it could of been taken more than two years ago or it could of been taken last week.


Kirby-Lynn Sheldowski, a spokeswoman for the Grand Canyon national park spoke to reporters from all around Northern America after the Grand Canyon National Park held a press conference. She said the following, “We aren’t sure if this video is a hoax or real, from what we can tell the terrain matches a certain geological location that sports a large amount of squirrels. As of right now we know that authorities have requested that YouTube provide every detail they have on this video and the user who posted it. When this man is found he will be charged with animal cruelty and a series of other charges.”

This video went viral and sparked massive attention from media outlets all around Northern America. Those who love animals or respect life want answers for what this man has done. They want to see him go to prison for his cruel actions towards an innocent creature.

TV Reporter Robbed

Heather Holmes, a reporter for the Oakland KTVU was robbed earlier on this week when she was reporting on a robbery that took place earlier on that day. This news story made its way to viral status after Miss. Holmes took it upon herself to make a series of tweets. Her follows then screen shot those pictures and posted them to the internet. Afterwards the pictures received millions of views on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and 9Gag.

Heather holmes

Heather Holmes made the followings tweets, “Are you kidding me? Doing a live report at the Oakland Police Headquarters about a robbery and then my purse is stolen from the live truck. We were only parked outside for five minutes”, “Oh the irony of it all, while reporting on a violent mugging and robbery then by purse is stolen. The thieves used by bank card twenty minutes after taking my bag.” and “Credit card is now canceled, the locks have been changed and bank card canceled. Lessoned learn, always be aware of your surroundings. Even at a police headquarters.”

This news story came to a surprise to many as who would be dumb enough to take a purse when you are right beside a police station? That is like walking into a bank and asking if you can steal their money. Heather Holmes clearly learned her lesson and will now be cautious with every move she makes while on the job. Just goes to show you that your never safe anywhere.