ESPN Reporter Dies Unexpectedly

Richard Durrett, a long time basketball reporter for ESPN News has recently passed away unexpectedly after he had a brain aneurysm as the age of thirty eight. Mr. Durrett had been working for ESPN News for the better part of 17 years before he passed away this weekend unexpectedly. He was found in his bedroom early in the morning by his wife, after she could not wake him up she checked for a pulse and when she saw no vital signs she called the police. By the time the police got there they couldn’t do anything to help revive the man.

Richard Durrett

Medics later on said that Richard Durrett had died ten minutes after falling asleep that night and that he couldn’t have been revived whatsoever, even if they had revived him he would have been a vegetable with barely any brain function what so ever. This news shocked Dallas ESPN reporters as they had worked alongside Richard for the last seventeen years, he just wasn’t a co-worker but he was a family member that they all cherished.

ESPNDallas.com said the following, “We would like to give our condolences to the Durrett Family. Everyone here at ESPN Dallas who you all know personally are taken back by your loss nearly as much as you are. Richard was like family to us, he’d come into the office a happy man everyday and his smile will be missed everyday now. We can only hope that you all recover in the best way possible.”

Wolfenstein: A New World Order Released

Wolfenstein is one of the longest surviving and most popular video game series known to the video game industry. The series has survived since the Nintendo 64 and since then has continued to grasp the imagination of the young and old all across the world. The last Wolfenstein game was released back when the Xbox 360 was first available on the market, more than ten years later and the series returns for beloved fans. You will continue to take on the role of James Avatar, a soldier who has survived through countless tragedies.

wolfenstein logo

Wolfenstein is a video game series that revolved around the Nazis. Instead of Hitler being killed the third Reich was able to win the war and survive throughout the decades. It is nearly the same time period that we live in today when we are placed back into the boots of James Avatar. The Third Reich now has incredible technology that they harvested after they won the war and defeating the Nazis is becoming that much harder.

This game has been gaining a lot of popularity and on opening day it was able to sell fifty thousand copies, showing that Wolfenstein is still the popular series it once was. Activision, the published behind Wolfenstein made a statement regarding this games release saying, “We can’t wait to see how fans of this three decade old series react to the new installment. We suspect that they’ll love it just as much as we do, we hope that it sells to the point where we can create yet another sequel.”

Fallout 4 To Be Announced At E3 2014

Fallout, one of the most beloved open world games in the world will appear at E3 2014 this year. It was rumored that Fallout 4 was in development for more than three years, the game has said to be developed since Elder Scrolls: Skyrim was first released back in 2011. The new Fallout will be available for the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.


Bethesda, the company that has developed all of the Fallout games and Elder Scrolls game made an announcement regarding their E3 Appearance saying, “When we first unveiled to our investors that we would be appearing at E3 2014 we never expected that it would become so widely known by the video game industry. With that said all of us at Bethesda would like to announce that the next installment in the Fallout franchise shall be appearing at E3 2014. We have been developing this game for the past three years and we will have one final year of development before the game in finally released.”

Bethesda continued saying, “We wanted to create a new Fallout game that would be in a city we have never created the game in but has always been requested by fans of the series. The new installment in Fallout will also boast new visuals which means you can expect a brand new open world running graphics that make Elder Scrolls: Skyrim look like something for the Playstation 2. We can’t wait to show our fans this game and we look forward to seeing

Playstation 4 Update

It’s been several months since the Playstation 4 was first released upon the world. The Playstation 4 was released on November 15th, 2014 with a series of games available on launch day. These games includes Call of Duty Ghosts, Killzone Shadow Fall and all of your regular sports games. Players can now enjoy multiple games such as inFAMOUS Second Son, Battlefield 4 and NBA 2K14.

Playstation 4

Sony released an update for the Playstation 4 today, bringing one of the key elements needed in the system. Those who wish to now record their gameplay sessions, add video recordings or voice recordings over those gameplay videos can now do so thanks for the “Playstation 4 Share Application”. Through this application you can watch the last fifteen minutes of gameplay you’ve had, edit it by choosing when the video can start and stop, add video commentary through the Playstation 4 Camera or Voice Commentary through the Playstation 4 Microphone. This in return means that video game footage will become more available on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social feeds which can result in the industry growing.

Since the application was first released last week there has already been 5 Million Gameplay Videos uploaded through the Playstation 4 Share Application. Sony, the creators behind every one of the four Playstations has said that more editing features will come to the application within the next few months. Players will be able to add filters to their videos, add special effects and do so much more.

53 Year Old Male Sent To Jail For Steeling In Order To Feed Betting Habit

A 53 Year Old Male from Stockport, Uk has been sentenced to five years and eight months in jail. He plead guilty early on this year for steeling one million euro’s from his company in order to feed his online gambling addiction.

Stockport Council

Michael Garner, the man arrested has been given stiff jail terms after he plead guilty to his actions. The previous financial advisor stole the funds from banks offshore, he’d withdrawal the money from the accounts in which he knew he could trust. Those who came to harm from Mr. Garners actions include the charity Cheadlle and Gatley Round Table.

The full amount that was stolen during the time period of Michael being a financial advisor was nine hundred thousand euro’s. Every single dime of that money was spent on online gambling. At one point in time Michael won 1.5 Million Euro’s. The addiction eventually became so bad that Michael was spending ten thousand euro’s every day in order to feed his extreme addiction. This is more money than the high majority of drug users spend in months.

Michael was eventually caught of his actions when one of the trustees on a fund he handles was ravaged when he couldn’t find a certain amount of his money in the account. The bank manager realized that the large sum of money and many others had been stolen from Michael. The attorney for Michael asked for remorse on him and his sentencing, the remorse was not given.