Centre for Investigative Journalism partners with Goldsmiths

London’s Centre for Investigative Journalism has announced that it will form a new partnership with Goldsmiths, University of London. The CIJ is an organization that encourages critical investigation and reporting in an effort to safeguard the public interest by exposing corruption and wrongdoing, particularly in nations where journalists are persecuted and the freedom of the media is at risk. The new entity will move its location from City University in London to the Goldsmiths Department of Media and Communications in accordance to the newly formed relationship between the two parties.

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The Centre for Investigative Journalism is a registered non-profit organization (since 2007) that was established in 2003 with the assistance of funding provided by the Lorana Sullivan Foundation. The Foundation is still a big part of the Centre’s funders and it now also relies on the financial support of numerous other foundations that encourage the in-depth reporting that is championed by the CIJ.

From July 4th to 6th, 2014, the CIJ will host the CIJ Investigative Journalism Conference, which will offers training for journalists, employees of NGO’s, those engaged in investigative research, students and academics. Essentially the event is open to any party with an interest in developing their skills in investigative reporting. The conference will offer lectures and workshops with a range of topics from data related journalism, filming undercover, story-based investigative tactics and even workshops in how to disseminate company accounts. It will take place at Goldsmiths and it is expected that it will attract attendees from all over the world to participate in this focused event.

CIJ Director, Gavin MacFayden has expressed his delight at the prospect of developing this relationship with Goldsmiths and is looking forward to the contribution of the Media and Communications Department. It is expected that they will be involved in providing training via internships for graduates of journalism programs in the UK as well as from countries where the ongoing support is necessary to counter balance the oppression of the media. Angela Phillips of Goldsmiths agrees that the relationship will be beneficial to all party and that together the two entities are a good fit. They both stand for ethical reporting and advocate for methodologies that support integrity and assist journalism students in reaching their goals while remaining safe. The CIJ has supported hundreds of journalists, researchers and students in more than 30 countries with a particular concentration on assisting those with oppressive regimes or where the press experiences severe restrictions and potentially is at risk.

The Joint Head of the Media and Communications Department at Goldsmiths believes that the partnership will add an extra element to the reputation that they have fostered internationally for delivering a quality education to journalist from both a theoretical and practical perspective. CIJ prides itself on keeping abreast of new developments in the field and is committed to maintaining the highest level of culture, craft and community of the profession so that journalists can uphold their responsibility to informing the public.

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